Singapore’s University Start-Up Eco-system Report

Since Protégé Ventures’ inception in 2017, we have witnessed 4 years of phenomenal growth in the student start-up space, and worked with many talented founders and outstanding ecosystem players in the process.

2 years ago, our team looked at the major trends and patterns we present in the student start-up ecosystem, and expressed our findings in a medium article. Fast forward to the present, this ecosystem has become much more vibrant, seeing more student founders, funding activity for student start-ups, and student-focused ecosystem players.

In this year’s report, our team studied some of the major changes in the student start-up space, key themes and trends sweeping through, and various options available for aspiring founders and student venture capitalists. Super excited to share this deck and our team at Protégé Ventures look forward to even better years ahead for the student start-up ecosystem!

Click here to access the deck: