Our Investment Process

1. The Initial Ask

Founder(s) and Protégé Student VCs come in contact for the first time, be it at an event or else.

We will ask about the startup idea, founders’ backgrounds and ask for the pitch deck and contact information.

You can also send us your pitch deck here.

2. Going “Official“

The Students VCs will socialise promising startups within the Protégé Team.

Once gaining enough internal conviction, Student VCs together with the Partners will meet the founders in a more structured setting.

We will fire away our questions and discuss with the founders if a Protégé investment in the startup makes sense.

3. Meet the Family

The deal team decides to pursue said startup, prepares the investment memo, and invites the founder(s) to pitch to the Investment Committee(IC).

Founders should be prepared to answer a final round of questions by the IC.

After internal discussion, our decision to invest or not invest will be informed to the founders within 1 day.

4. Sign the Paper

Our investment instrument is a KISS note (Keep-It-Simple-Security) popularised by 500 Startups, with a valuation cap and 20% discount.

Depending on investment dynamics, we are open to other instruments as well (e.g. SAFE).

If agreeable by the founders, we will execute the KISS agreement within 2 weeks.

Investment ThesisWe invest in startups incorporated in Singapore that are...

Founded by exceptional student founders and recent graduates
Revolving around the economic life of youths
Leveraging on university research ecosystems

Think you have what it takes? We do too.We’re designed to help student ventures go from an early stage to pre-seed (and beyond).