Introducing our 2023/2024 team!

In this blog post, we’re excited to introduce you to the latest members of Protégé Ventures, as they join our team in the new academic year. Join us in getting to know these talented individuals, their backgrounds, aspirations, and the unique qualities they bring to our evolving team. These new members are the driving force behind our vision to be the leading student venture fund helping student entrepreneurs build scalable ventures.


Sherwin Ng 

Sherwin is a Final Year student at Nanyang Business School. Having accumulated experiences across multiple VCs, a search fund and a fintech startup, across multiple geographies and stages, he firmly believes that technology will be the catalyst to During his free time, he enjoys playing a game of badminton and trying out different food and wine. He is also an avid binge watcher of history documentaries, NBA and loves sleeping in over the weekends.

Anaanya Elizabeth Bijay 

Anaanya is a Finance and Financial Forensics Senior at the Singapore Management University. Having undertaken multiple internship stints and starting her own impact projects across Southeast Asia, Australia and France, she has developed a keen interest in emerging technology, impact venture work as well as FinTech innovations promoting financial access and fraud mitigation, and hopes to support startups and investors alike to come together and build a stronger, more vibrant startup ecosystem! In her free time, Anaanya enjoys playing puzzle games, chasing after her lively Golden Retriever and coaching aspiring TEDx speakers!​


Woo Ling Ling (Lead)

Ling Ling is a final year student at NUS Business School. She has been actively involved in the entrepreneurship scene, taking on leadership roles in NUS Entrepreneurship Society, NUS Alumni Ventures and now, in Protege Ventures. She also interned at Quest Ventures, a Asia focused venture capital firm to understand more on the VC investing scene. In her free time, she enjoy hip hop dancing and golfing and aspires to be a full time traveller!

Dean Tay (Lead)

Dean is a third year finance student at SMU’s Lee Kong Chian School of Business with a second major in Sustainability Management. He is passionate about sustainability, having completed internship stints in impact investments and sustainability consulting. He is also leading SMU’s Sustainable Investment Club, SIngapore’s first and largest sustainable-finance focused student club, as its President. In his free time, Dean likes to watch WWE for its theatrics and storylines, which he occasionally gets inspired by. 

Abdullah Khurshid

Abdullah is currently studying Economics with a second major in Data Science & Analytics in SMU. He joined PV as he wanted to be part of Southeast Asia’s startup growth story, for which, he interned at a university incubator in Vietnam. He also has done internships in professional services, open innovation and partnerships. In his free time, he likes to catch up on sleep and spontaneously take photos of scenic heartland views.

Lim Qi Jie 

Qi Jie is a sophomore at SMU pursuing Computer Science. Passionate about all things tech and investments, he has had internship experiences at Carousell and Temasek Trust. He enjoys learning about startups across different verticals, and the ideas that are built upon new technologies. Qi Jie is passionate about using technology to solve meaningful problems at scale and is always looking to learn from those who have successfully done so.

Wang Dong Yue Felix

DY is a final year student at Yale-NUS College, studying Computer Science. He has worked across a multiple of companies from startups to big tech across the United States, Southeast Asia, and Singapore itself. In his free time, you can find DY working on Olympic weightlifting in the gym, playing floorball, or chatting with fellow founders on their challenges.

Research & Education

Ryan Lee Cheng Hien (Lead)

Ryan Lee is a third year student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management at Singapore Management University (SMU) with a keen interest in the start-up and VC space. He is currently the Research and Education Lead at Protege Ventures where he teaches new analysts about VC basics and plans for masterclasses throughout the year. Ryan’s past Internship experiences include roles as a Venture Capital Intern at Vertex Holdings and an Investment Analyst Intern at Creadev, the Growth Equity Investment firm of the Mulliez Family. In his free time, Ryan enjoys practicing street dance (Locking) and performing street magic tricks.

Lim Zi En (Lead)

Zi En, a senior student at SMU Business School, possesses a deep enthusiasm for the field of Venture Capital, with a specific focus on startups in the consumer sector within the Southeast Asian region. His journey into the world of financial markets initially sparked his interest, but over time, he developed a strong affinity for the private market, particularly the inception phase of companies. This shift in his interests is attributed to the dynamic adaptability that startups offer and the promising long-term growth prospects they can achieve.


Ong Jin Jie (Lead)

Jin Jie is an NUS student studying a double degree in Economics and Business Administration. He has a keen interest in ESG investing and hopes to make an impact by finding and helping great positive companies. Before joining PV he also dabbled in Marketing and is utilising his experience to lead the marketing portion of PV.

Rowell Tan 

Rowell is a final year business student from NUS Business School. His insatiable curiosity has led him to undertake various internship stints in companies in business development, fintech operations and corporate finance, which has fostered a deeper appreciation in him for the venture capital space and fuelled his desire to build a more vibrant startup ecosystem. In his free time, Rowell enjoys jamming to the latest hits, bingeing on local cuisine and going for aimless walks.


Jordan Ang (Lead)

Jordan is a third-year student at SMU School of Economics. His experiences have ranged from startups to VC, and loves meeting new founders across all verticals. He is an avid poker player and loves to share good exotic food and wine with friends – always down for a good time! 

Nicole Lim (Lead)

Nicole is currently in her final year at SMU School of Computing and Information Systems. Her unwavering passion lies in exploring the potential of technology solutions. To fuel her enthusiasm, black coffee serves as her constant companion, powering her through each day.

Team 1

Chua Chuan Yang (Lead)

CY is a penultimate year undergraduate at NUS Business School. With a keen interest in VC initially, he joined PV as a wide-eyed freshman and stayed on to give back to the community. It was over the 3 years spent in PV that he got to meet many seniors who encouraged him to try out as many things as possible while in university- including Investment Banking, Strategy Consulting and Asset Management apart from entrepreneurial activities such as scaling the “SG Finance Confessions” platform with his friends in NUS or even partaking in startathons/case competitions. Outside of work, he is growing his mini table plant collection on top of his Star Wars LEGO collection (May the Force be with you!)

Lim Main Ray (Lead)

Ray is a final year engineering student at the National University of Singapore. At Protege Ventures, he is a team lead where he brings his insights from his past experience in venture capital. He is exited about the innovations happening in the blockchain space and you can find him at various blockchain events. Outside of his academic and professional pursuits, he is an adrenaline junkie and has recently returned from his Latin America backpacking adventure. 

Amira Azman

Amira is a Finance and Entrepreneurship major in her penultimate year at the Singapore Management University. She became interested in the world of startups after learning of the fundraising journeys of Meta, Pinterest, Uber, and more. Her previous internship experiences lie within the insurtech space at Eurazeo, and the B2B enterprise, deep-tech, and sustainability space at Wavemaker Partners. In her free time, she enjoys watching Formula 1 and exploring the fashion industry. 

Tan Yu Qi

Yu Qi is a final year computer science student at the National University of Singapore. His experiences includes software engineering, product management and venture capital. He has worked with multiple startups for the past 4 years and is a NUS Overseas Colleges alumni. A builder at heart, he enjoys seeing things go from 0 to 1. During his free time, he reads up on personal finance and enjoys hiking occasionally. 

Anurag Birla

Anurag is a Year 1 Masters in Finance student at NUS Business School. He is passionate about investing, whether that’s in public stocks or in private enterprises and has a deep interest in technology, media, gaming, sports and entertainment as sectors. Anurag has 2 years of work experience, having spent bulk of that time with Third Bridge Group Limited in Hong Kong, working with Private Equity and Hedge Fund clients in the APAC region. Aside from investing, Anurag enjoys playing a range of sports in his free time ranging from Golf to Tennis, Football, Boxing and Cricket.


Richelle is a freshmen student at NUS Business School. She has a deep interest in startups and is venturing further into the finance scene. She has interned mainly at tech startups and enjoyed the dynamic culture and entrepreneurial community. She enjoys food and has TikTok and Instagram dedicated to it.

Samuel Yeo

Samuel, a second-year Accountancy student majoring in Finance at Singapore Management University, developed a keen interest in the venture capital space during his early university years. His enthusiasm led him to secure an internship with SOSV Orbit Startups, a multi-stage venture capital firm in Shanghai. Throughout this internship, he had the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of founders from various industries, solidifying his determination to pursue a career in venture capital. Beyond his academic and professional pursuits, Samuel finds joy in leisure activities such as golf, basketball, badminton, and hiking. He is also an avid follower of “Shark Tank,” a show that aligns with his passion for entrepreneurial endeavour.

Gabriel Suryasaputra 

Gabriel is a Y2 student at SMU, pursuing a Bachelor of Business Management with a major in Finance. Before joining Protégé, Gabriel interned at multiple startups with a focus on Edu-tech to help out in the surrounding developing regions. Currently, Gabriel is focusing on developing his skills with Protégé and is excited to gain another perspective in the startup ecosystem. Outside of school and work, Gabriel enjoys watching sports and catching up over a pint.

Max Yang 

Max is a second year computer science student at NUS. He is especially passionate about the fintech industry and is hoping to make an impact in the startup scene. Max has had internship experiences at NUS’s AI Lab and a private equity firm in Taiwan. Apart from work, he enjoys wine tasting and karaoke. 

Audrey Ng

Audrey is a penultimate student at Nanyang Business School. One thing you must remember about her is the mantra that she lives by- “Age Quod Agis”; simply translated to “Do well in whatever you do”. While there will be times of uncertainty and adversity, you can always count on her to do her best in everything she does. Her stint at Gentree Fund has pushed her to achieve more and encouraged her to remain curious about the VC space. Audrey looks forward to improving herself in every way she can. 

Andrew Nycholas Ormand

Andrew is currently in his third year of Civil Engineering studies at NTU. His interest in startups and venture capital sparked when he moved to Singapore and observed the startup scene. Since then, he has interned in startups and VC firms across a range of industries including consumer brands, HR tech, Healthtech, and Deep tech. Outside his academic and professional endeavors, Andrew enjoys reading non-fiction books covering topics such as biography, politics, business, and philosophy. He also follows political and social news to stay informed on current affairs.

Ansel Chew

Ansel is pursuing a Diploma of Engineering Science at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Passionate about Venture Capital and Angel Investing, he is currently an analyst at Protégé and a Hustle Fund Angel Squad member. Currently as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Internship Program, he is interning with Keppel Vietnam, an Asset Manager and Operator in Innovations and Investor Relations.

Team 2

Kazel Koh (Lead)

Kazel is a final year student at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Now commercialising a new patent in cybersecurity automation, his past experiences include being a healthtech founder, an internship as a Tech & Investment Analyst at Helicap, and working on various ecosystem development projects.

Tang Wei Long (Lead)

Wei Long is a second year student at Singapore Management University. His discovered his interest in venture capital while working as a software engineer in a fast growing startup. Ever since then, he has taken an active role towards keeping up with the ecosystem and seek to invest in startups with great long term potential. I have previously interned at a startup called VAInsight Software as a software engineer and proceeded to intern at Innoven Capital as an investment analyst. The verticals I am keen on exploring are AgriTech and EV (Electric Vehicle). In my free time, I enjoy water sports and combat sports and seek adrenaline in any way possible!

Bob Tan

Bob is a final year undergraduate student at SMU studying entrepreneurship. He has a wide range of experience from working at companies like Kinobi, an EdTech startup where he worked in the Founder’s Office, and McKinsey & Company, where he worked in a team running two-week sprints validating venture ideas for corporates regionally. Bob loves learning about startups in the consumer and enterprise SaaS spaces, and their journey towards achieving product-market-fit. In his free time, Bob enjoys climbing, gaming and reading.

Jess Raphael Ong

Jess is a final year student at NUS Computing, majoring in Information Systems with a specialisation in Financial Technology. He is passionate about the startup ecosystem and enjoys learning about innovative startup ideas that addresses real-world problems through technology. His experience includes a software engineering internship at a Series B AI startup and technology internships in the FinTech space at SeaMoney and Bank of America. He was also a Software Development Director at NUS Fintech Society. While he is mainly sector agnostic, his primary interests lie in Deep Tech, SaaS and FinTech. He is eager to embrace new opportunities and gain valuable experiences that contribute to his personal and professional growth. In addition to his professional pursuits, Jess is an avid sports and fitness enthusiast who enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle through playing football and handball.

Joanna Teo

Joanna is a student, entrepreneur and technologist, with a strong interest in AI, Fintech, and analytics. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at SMU School of Computing and Information Systems, and she is also the founder of a successful data analytics consulting firm that help organisations make better decisions with data. In 2023, Joanna was recognised as one of the honourees for the SG 100 Women in Tech list. Joanna has always been fascinated by the world of entrepreneurship and impactful startups. She is also committed to promoting financial literacy, and she volunteers as an adjunct trainer at the Citi Foundation – SMU Financial Literacy Programme for Young Adults. In her spare time, Joanna enjoys traveling, appreciating the performance arts, and building Legos. She is excited to sharpen her skills and knowledge by supporting Protege Ventures and its mission to invest in and grow impactful startups.

Siva Adharsh

Adharsh is a first year NUS Data Science and Analytics student who’s passionate about finance, entrepreneurship and everything in between. Before matriculating, he worked at an early-stage HR Tech startup, and also founded a small apparel business, which piqued his interest in the startup ecosystem. He also loves evaluating startups ideas and connecting with like minded people. In his free time, he enjoys playing the keyboard, inline skating or going for a run.

Pala Siva

Siva is a sophomore at SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business. He is currently pursuing a major in Finance. He enjoys analysing different companies and industries both on the quantitative and qualitative side of things. He also enjoys meeting different founders and finds the conversations with them quite insightful. During his free time, Siva likes to gym and read different equity research reports.

Jonas Ngoh

Jonas is a second year business student at SMU. Prior to Protégé Ventures, he worked in startups in Jakarta and Bangkok. In the future, he knows that he’ll either be directly or indirectly involved in the startup scene. You can find him dancing and exploring in his free time!

Muhammad Alif Anshari

Alif is a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration, specialising in Finance, at The National University of Singapore. He is keen on exploring career choices involving strategy and investments. He has a wide range of experience from management consulting to project management and his past projects allowed him to be familiar with various markets such as Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Australia. Alif is enthusiastic in innovations in the welfare sector such as F&B, Transportation, and Infrastructure, But he also recently developed a soft spot for Data & Artificial Intelligence. However, he is always open-minded and ever-curious about any and all sectors Outside of academics and organisational experiences, you can find Alif analysing literary works, music, and other media. Furthermore, he also enjoys training in combat sports such as muay thai and brazilian jiu jitsu.

Brendan Tan

Brendan, a sophomore majoring in Finance at SUSS, is passionate about finance and entrepreneurship. Before joining Protégé Ventures, he has worked at a Web3 startup and launched his own social enterprise, gaining valuable experience in the FinTech and entrepreneurial scene Outside of academics and work, Brendan is an avid football fan who also enjoys reading a good book from time to time. 

Tan Valery 

Valery is in her final year of Human Resource Management at the Singapore University of Social Sciences with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Her passion for entrepreneurship emerged vividly when she co-founded Surety, an innovative FemTech company dedicated to launch a trailblazing mobile application across Asia, designed to empower mature women with essential knowledge and support as they embrace their golden years. Beyond this initiative, her dedication to societal causes is evident in her active involvement with the Young Women Leaders’ Connection, championing gender equity and female empowerment. Moreover, Valery’s drive doesn’t stop there; she is always scouting for impactful opportunities, especially those centered around the welfare of the elderly and youths. Now, beyond her professional landscape, Valery harbors a unique fascination — she’s an avid fan of capybaras and is profoundly captivated by anything rodent-related. Whether it’s the culinary arts, where she has a marked preference against beef and pork, or her love for these intriguing creatures, Valery’s interests are diverse and genuine.

Arjun Kumar Nair

Arjun is penultimate year student at NTU, pursuing a double degree in Computer Science and Business. He is keen to explore the dynamic relationship between technology and entrepreneurship, witnessing firsthand how tech is reshaping the business landscape. What he looks forward to in Protege Ventures is engaging with visionary founders and diving deep into conversations about thought-provoking ideas. On campus, he is serving as the Vice-President (Projects) at NTU Entrepreneurship Society. His recent fascination is to learn new (non-programming) languages to connect with people from different backgrounds. Don’t be surprised if he flexes some newly taught German words during your conversation. And one day, when the time is right, he aspires to backpack all around the world, exploring the global tapestry of cultures.

Team 3

Keen Tat (Lead)

Keen Tat is a final-year BBA student at NUS Business School who harbors an unwavering dream of becoming an investment professional capable of leaving an indelible mark on our world. His fervent passion finds its spark at the intersection of the capital markets and groundbreaking technologies. With prior internships at prestigious investment funds spanning venture capital and private equity, he’s delved into deals covering the entire investment lifecycle, from their earliest stages to post-IPO. Outside of work, he is an avid globetrotter who finds solace in picturesque hikes and exhilaration in downhill skiing. One of his most notable adventures includes backpacking from Shanghai to Scotland traveling solely by buses and trains.

Jonathan Liem (Lead)

Jonathan is a final year student at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. He is passionate about nascent technologies, startups, and venture capital. His career path reflects an unorthodox one, ranging from experiences such as working for a diplomat and running startups. Presently, in is the Co-Founder and CEO of Nex AI where he plays a critical part in shaping the company’s strategic direction, which includes overseeing product development, aligning business objectives, and upholding the core values of the organization. During his free time, he dabbles in technical journalism. 

Dorothy Yuan

Dorothy comes from a diverse background of early to mid-stage investing, AI research, and full-stack app development. Dorothy is at Singtel Innov8 Ventures, and was at Quest Ventures, notably lobbying for strategic fit that led to an M&A exit. Dorothy is currently in Silicon Valley under NUS Overseas Colleges, in partnership with Stanford University.

Karen Taubenberger

Karen is currently pursuing an MBA at NTU with a focus on Banking & Finance. Prior to this, she worked in management consulting at PwC’s International Growth Practice. Enthusiastic about Singapore’s dynamic startup ecosystem, she is eager to gain hands-on insights into Southeast Asia’s venture capital landscape. While industry-agnostic, she is particularly passionate about startups with a positive impact on society and the planet. In her free time, you can find her scaling indoor walls and climbing mountains.

Toh Ying Wei 

Ying Wei, a freshman majoring in Business at NTU, is passionate about the Startup Ecosystem in Singapore and SEA. She gained valuable experience through internships at Enterprise Singapore and DayDayUp, when she worked closely with startups (inbound and outbound), honing her understanding of the ecosystem. Her enthusiasm for VC stems from a desire to support innovative ideas and contribute to the growth of promising startups. Psst, she enjoys a rather peculiar taste for coffee—preferring it to be as bitter as possible. Adding a slice of lemon to her coffee is like a little extra boost that she appreciates! 

Wan Tze Yuen 

Tze Yuen is a Year 2 student at SMU Business School. He is an inquisitive individual and has a strong passion for investments. His interest in venture capital grew after his internships at Active Capital Asia and Motion Ventures. This prompted him to join Protégé Ventures to deepen his knowledge in the venture capital space. His vertical of interest lies in Agritech, Fintech, consumer goods and resources. Outside of Protégé Ventures, Tze Yuen enjoys running, playing football and going on food hunting!

Ethan Martin

Ethan is a Y2 Economics student at SMU. He has a deep interest in the entire spectrum of equity investments and has experience. He has operational experience across a myriad of startups, as well as some social consultancy experience. Most of his most recent experience has been on the buy side, having spent time at Jungle Ventures and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. He has a deep interest in infrastructure and TMT. Fun fact: He needs about 4 coffees at the bare minimum. And he is sometimes compared to a dinosaur.

Ryan Lin

Ryan Lin is a second year BBA student from NUS Business School. In the previous summer, he was a Structured Finance intern with HSBC. He is passionate about F&B startups in SEA, especially fancy or health-related drinks. In his free time, he watches Shark Tank and he hopes to find the next Scrub Daddy in SEA (and he thinks Lori is the best shark). 

Brian Chua 

Brian is a year 2 business studies student from Ngee Ann polytechnic. He has a keen interest in community work, investments, trading and global politics. As an student entrepreneur himself, Brian understood the difficulties in students raising funds for a business or getting a platform to share about their start ups. All this lead him joining PV to reach out to more student entrepreneurs and giving them more opportunities.

Jovan Lim

Jovan is currently in his third year, studying Accountancy and Finance at NUS Business School. Although he has primarily built his expertise in the consulting sector through roles at KPMG and Yamada Consulting Group, he is keenly interested in learning more about the arena. Jovan believes that the VC sector offers a unique platform to broaden his industry knowledge and to connect with a diverse and bright peer group. Outside of his career and academic pursuits, Jovan is a fitness enthusiast who frequents the gym. He also has a passion for culinary exploration and enjoys traveling around the island in search of exceptional food experiences. 

Sean Loo 

Sean is a final year student at NUS, pursuing a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Business Management. His experiences so far ties in with his knowledge in engineering and technology, be it in business development or venture capital. Sean enjoys learning about startups and their business models across a breadth of verticals, as well as gaining the knowledge and wisdom to perform impactful investments in the future. On the side, Sean rows for the National Canoe Sprint Team and he has a penchant for adventure in the more remote regions of the world.

Team 4

Low Zi An (Lead)

Zi An is a PhD student at the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (Nanyang Technological University). He has always been interested in science ever since he was a young child, and has always been amazed by the impact of science in our daily lives. Before joining the team at Protégé Ventures, he studied Life Sciences at the National University of Singapore, and was part of the team that was the Top Prize Winner of the Mundipharma Cancer Care Challenge at InnovFest Unbound 2019. He has an unwavering belief in the innumerable benefits of entrepreneurship and its vast potential in terms of the profound impact that it could have on society, health, and the economy. Whenever possible, he enjoys learning and reading about the latest scientific discoveries and constantly strives for continual self-improvement. 

Timothy Wee (Lead)

Timothy is a third-year student as the pioneer batch of the Design and Artificial Intelligence (DAI) major at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). He is one of <30 students enrolled in the SUTD Technology Entrepreneurship Programme (STEP), the university’s flagship programme for developing the next generation of entrepreneurial talent. He was also elected chair of the Executive Committee for STEP, working to improve the programme for fellow students and grow their industry exposure. He is passionate about using technology to help people and to make difficult things easier. He has a special place in his heart for social entrepreneurship, where he’s helped bring clean water to rural communities, explore ways to create low-cost housing, and tried to bring remote, impoverished places online. In his past life, before deciding to pursue his curiosity as an engineer, he received three offers to study Law, at NUS and SMU in Singapore, and at the University of Warwick in the UK. He figured he could try those out later. So far, he has worked on AI text-based analysis, houses made from plant waste, and AI-generated weight-saving bicycle cranks, amongst other things. He has also built an online directory to hasten students’ access to critical information (for which he received the SUTD ROOT Outstanding Individual Award), contributed to a computer vision-based system to count sterilised items at a national hospital in Singapore, and remotely controlled a 3D printer with a Telegram bot. Of late, he’s just taken his fourth and fifth hackathon wins at Stanford Treehacks this Feb 2023, working on ControlDB, a decentralized database solution at 1/100th the cost of traditional ones. He also led the only all-undergraduate team to win the Create4Good Social Innovation Fund Hackathon in 2022-23, winning $50,000 in funding for Chat4Good, an AI chatbot startup aimed at accelerating social good and access to resources for vulnerable populations. 

Tan Boyi 

Boyi is a fourth year student pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration, specialising in Finance at National University of Singapore (NUS). As someone who is always intrigued by novel ideas, she displays strong interest and curiosity in the start-up ecosystem and venture capital space. She has worked as an investment analyst intern in private equity firms and capital markets of startups before, which allowed her to gain real-life experiences interacting with ultra-high-net-worth investors, and closing deals. She is also currently serving as a student analyst in Protégé Ventures as she wants to learn more about the vibrancy of Singapore’s startup scene brought about by local student founders. During her free time, she likes to venture into outdoor activities like hiking. 

Mei Shuen 

Mei Shuen is a third-year student at Yale-NUS College and NUS Law, doing a double degree in law and liberal arts. She has accumulated some internship experiences in a wide range of industries, such as a start-up, Big 4 audit firm, law firms and a charity. She is interested in the intersections between law and entrepreneurship but also has a keenness in dabbling in things totally unrelated to what she is doing in school, such as picking up Russian recently.

Adam Ihsan

Adam is a postgraduate MBA student at the Quantic School of Business and Technology. He is a 1x exit founder with SUBX, a no-code dApp builder platform that was acquired in 2022. Outside work, he is an active member of various fintech organisations (SFA, ACCESS), actively sourcing for deal flow. Adam secretly moonlights as a DJ, spinning up R&B and progressive house music when night falls. During the weekend, Adam speed runs horror and sci-fi series on Netflix. As his day job, Adam runs his second startup, Uniramp, a universal onramp solution for web3.

Ryan Teo 

Ryan is a freshman pursuing an accounting degree at SMU. Initially, he aspired to make a global impact as a zookeeper and a research scientist. However, after a short stint volunteering at the zoo and working at a research lab, he realized that while these roles were meaningful, they were not the best vehicles for him to make the impact he wants on the world. Following his journey, Ryan organized a hackathon and dabbled in the business world with his startup venture. These experiences ignited his belief in the transformative power of innovation and entrepreneurship as the key engines of growth for our economy. Now, he is eager to be a key part of Southeast Asia’s growing innovation ecosystem.

Lye Jia Jun 

Jia Jun is a freshman studying Information Systems at SMU. He is a Lee Kong Chian Scholar, a tech enthusiast, and a tech founder who’s founded several ventures in the past, including a programming tutoring business and an AI tech startup. He is currently exploring the space of AI Governance and firmly believes in the use of #techforgood In his free time, he enjoys working out, and contemplating while being absorbed in thought-provoking podcasts on a late-night run.

Max Yeo 

Max is a second year student at NUS Business School, specialising in Finance. He is passionate about the financial markets and the VC space in SEA and beyond. Max has particular interest in mobility, logistics, SaaS, sustainability sectors. Max is currently an intern at Tembusu Partners, a boutique Private Equity firm, working on high growth equities. Max does music in his free time and loves animals!


Mongkol is currently pursuing a finance degree at SIM-UOL and has a strong passion for finance and VC, particularly in the B2B sector. He done an internship at Tin Men Capital, a VC firm specializing in the enterprise sector, and is currently interning at Tiro Capital doing corporate finance. During his free time, Mongkol can often be found at the gym, where he enjoys weightlifting, or on the basketball court.


Jufri is a penultimate student at SMU, pursuing a double major in economics and digital business. With prior experience as a business analyst at G-Able, a tech consulting firm, and in client relations at Mighty Jaxx, he brings a strong analytical and client-oriented background. Jufri’s passion lies in the tech industry, and he has a keen interest in startups, particularly within the realms of food tech and health tech. He enjoys exploring emerging markets in Southeast Asia and aspires to launch his own startup in the future. Outside of his academic and professional pursuits, Jufri leads an active lifestyle with interests in rock climbing and Muay Thai. Additionally, he has a flair for culinary arts and enjoys cooking in his spare time.

Swee Si Min 

Si Min is a motivated and driven penultimate student at SMU, close to completing her studies in Finance and Technology. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge fuels an unyielding passion for continual learning, as supported by her extensive list of internships spanning diverse roles and industries. Beyond her current career interest in consulting and coding, she enjoys pondering the big questions about life and understanding the psychology of human behaviour. She is also notably captivated by the allure of the Middle East and as a commitment to understanding the culture, she is actively dedicating her time to learning Arabic on the side. It’s the blend of interests and the vast array of skills she has that makes her an exceptional and unforgettable individual. Although some might say it’s the crazy obsession with Bali that makes her memorable.

Zhao Ziqi 

Ziqi is a final-year student at the National University of Singapore (NUS), majoring in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Machine Learning. His profound passion for entrepreneurship led him to an exciting stint at a startup in Vietnam under the NUS Overseas College Program. In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Ziqi is one of the few senior mentors at Tembusu College. He is also an NUS Undergraduate Researcher, currently in the process of publishing his paper under the domain of Music & New Media. Outside of work, Ziqi is an a philosophy enthusiast, a dedicated powerlifter, and, most notably, a fervent metalhead! If you happen to spot him wearing headphones and not headbanging, it’s probably only because the headphones are slipping!