About Us

Our ObjectivesAs Southeast Asia’s first student venture fund, we have taken it upon ourselves to help build up the region’s student start-up ecosystem. Our mission is twofold:

1. Invest in great Student Ventures

2. Groom amazing Student VCs to keep doing the same.


As such, at Protégé Ventures, you have the choice to either apply for funding as a Student Founder, or for training as a Student VC. We leverage on industry leaders in the regional start-up ecosystem as well as experts in entrepreneurial education to prepare students for real world success in venture capitalism and entrepreneurship. Think you have what it takes?

Our Team


“What if the world’s most influential leaders were friends 20 years ago, working together to tackle some of the biggest problems?”
Kairos ASEAN is a highly curated community of young entrepreneurial talents across Southeast Asia. As part of the global Kairos Society with supporters such as Bill Clinton, Richard Branson and Peter Diamandis, it challenges the next generation of entrepreneurs to solve big problems where governments and the industries have previously failed.
Launched in 2014, Kairos ASEAN has expanded to 6 countries with over 100 members and mentors. It offers a network of executives, strategic investors, advisors and fellow entrepreneurs to support young individuals who are building businesses and meaningful ventures that change the world. Regional initiatives such as the K360 Business Mission and Kairos Sharing Table offers members the opportunity to be connected both locally and beyond.

Singapore Management University

The Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship anchors the SMU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Area of Excellence. IIE is a practice-oriented institute that provides support for innovation and entrepreneurship related activities across all the schools at SMU. IIE activities range from events, competitions, networking sessions, workshops, training programmes, study missions and internships for entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs, as well as a full-fledged incubation programme which helps aspiring entrepreneurs take their ideas to market.


Shirley Wong

Board Director, IMDA

Robert Chew

Managing Partner, iGlobe Partners

Victor Ng

Managing Partner, TSR Partners

John Kim

Managing Partner, Amasia Fund

Paul Bradley

Chairman and CEO, Caprica International


Professor Wilton Chau

Curriculum Director, Protégé Ventures

Tan Shuo Yan

Manager, Education Programmes, SMU Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Luke Wu

Manager, Education, SMU Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Lujie Chen

Managing Partner, Protégé Ventures

Kumar Suppiah

Partner, Protégé Ventures

Tomithy Too

Partner, Protégé Ventures

Kurt Tanyu

Partner, Protégé Ventures

Karan Adhikari

Partner, Protégé Ventures


Jianggan Li

CEO, Momentum Works

Ian Goh

Managing Partner, 01VC

Jeremy Loh

Senior Vice President, DBS Venture Growth Partners

Deborah Lee

(Retired) Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Singapore Press Holdings


Huang Tao

Associate, Protégé Ventures

Sendi Heng

Associate, Protégé Ventures

Grace Fun

Associate, Protégé Ventures

Lionell Loh

Associate, Protégé Ventures

Justin Quek

Associate, Protégé Ventures


Daniel Lam

Student Analyst, Protégé Ventures

Jerald Low

Student Analyst, Protégé Ventures

Bosen Xia

Student Analyst, Protégé Ventures

Khine Wai

Student Analyst, Protégé Ventures

Febrin Low

Student Analyst, Protégé Ventures

Darien Soh

Student Analyst, Protégé Ventures

Theodora Boo

Student Analyst, Protégé Ventures

Brian Chen

Student Analyst, Protégé Ventures

Badai Tanmizi

Student Analyst, Protégé Ventures

Lim Zhi Wei

Student Analyst, Protégé Ventures

Hua Bing Yong

Student Analyst, Protégé Ventures

Pascal Samsoon

Student Analyst, Protégé Ventures

Aloysius Toh

Student Analyst, Protégé Ventures

Kelly Fong

Student Analyst, Protégé Ventures

Mitchell Tan

Student Analyst, Protégé Ventures