5 Reasons to Join Protégé Ventures in 2020

It’s been an exciting 7 weeks of recruitment thus far and here we are on our final week. With 5 days left till application closes on 31 July, 23:59 (SGT) we thought to leave you with our top 5 reasons why you should join Protégé Ventures this year!

But first, who might we be looking for?

Know someone who is:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Risk-taking
  • Passionate about Startups and/or Venture Capital
  • Keen on making real impact
  • Interested enough to read till here?

Well, then you might very well be who we’re looking for! Let us take that interest and jump right in!

#1 Step into the world of venture capital with Protégé Ventures

You might have already heard how hard it is to break into venture capital — maybe you’re not quite there yet with your skills, maybe you haven’t met the right people, maybe you haven’t had an opportunity — but maybe, it’s only because you haven’t taken a chance on us 🙂

Get your express ticket in today by joining Protégé Ventures, Southeast Asia’s first student venture fund. Develop and hone your skills through hands-on venture capital training where you would learn how to qualify, source and close deals just like any other VC. Seize opportunities by taking up exclusive internships, speaking at events and judging competitions. Make real impact by writing cheques of SGD$25,000-50,000 to empower startups and shape the future.

#2 Learn from the experts, first-hand

Find yourself at masterclasses and fireside chats with industry veterans from the best venture capital funds in the region! We’ve rubbed shoulders with experts from Wavemaker Partners, Trive Ventures, Vulcan Capital, Openspace Ventures and MassMutual Ventures, among others, and can’t wait for so much more that’s to come!

Being in Protégé Ventures also means that you would get to network with senior executives at exclusive events. Sure, it’s cool knowing the movers and shakers in the region — but what’s cooler (and we would argue, more important) is that you actually get to meet with talented VCs and entrepreneurs, hear about their journeys, share yours, and build meaningful relationships. Leverage our networks and build your own as you navigate the uncertain yet exciting waters of venture capital and startups with us.

#3 Connect with a diverse group of like-minded individuals

We’re proud to say that we lead inter-varsity collaboration by being the first nationwide VC training programme in Singapore that is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students from all local universities from all courses and disciplines. Here’s a fun fact — in this picture alone, you can find students representing SMU, SUTD, NUS and NTU coming together to discuss all things VC (while still finding time to flash a smile and put up peace signs) 😉

In addition, being in Protégé Ventures is also about being a part of a community of entrepreneurial talent. Beyond working and growing alongside talented students from various universities and disciplines, you would find yourself building relationships with our community of innovators — outstanding founders in the university startup ecosystem and beyond.

#4 Run the show!

Own the process — source your deals, pitch it to the investment committee, and close it with an actual investment!

Our rigorous hands-on venture capital training throws you in the thick of things where you would learn about investment, technology, and identification of future trends and opportunities while making real impact through real investments. Enhance your knowledge and stay ahead of the game by never missing out on the latest developments in the regional startup scene by participating in our fortnightly venture sessions.

Passionate and want to do more? Find yourself speaking at entrepreneurial events at schools and judging pitching competitions as a representative of Southeast Asia’s first student venture fund. Some events we’ve been invited to speak and/or judge at include UNICON Arena 2019, SMU PAK Challenge 2019, she1K C-shark Tank 2020 and many more!

#5: Access curated internship opportunities

Did you know that 70% of our students secured internships and job placements with venture funds, investment firms, and startups, locally and overseas?

Gain exclusive access to internships in the VC industry and beyond. Our partners include Wavemaker Partners, KK Fund and Matrix Partners in China, among others! Hear what our Managing Partner, Jerald Low, has to say about his internship with Wavemaker Partners:

“My short stint at Wavemaker absolutely washed me away (Pun intended!). As a leading VC in Southeast Asia, we come across copious startups in a myriad of verticals and geographies — I have been exposed to obscure companies that served needs I didn’t even know existed. Protege Ventures is an opening act to the world of Venture Capital, easing one’s entry into the industry as the work that analysts do mirrors that of industry practitioners. ”

Jerald Low, Wavemaker Partners Investment Intern , 2020
Managing Partner of Protégé Ventures (Partnerships and Marketing Communication)

And you might just be next! All you have to do is take that first step and start your journey with us today!

We hope you enjoyed our top 5 reasons to join Protégé Ventures and we’re looking forward to receiving your application! Learn more at protege.vc or head over to e27 and SME to read more about us!

Excited to join us yet? Apply here!

Application closes 31 July 2020, 23:59 (SGT).